Monday, April 8, 2013

ViXS announces XCode Pro 350 HVEC

CANADA: ViXS Systems Inc. announced the new XCode Pro 350, the world's first silicon solution for transcoding 10 bit HEVC content to MPEG-2 and MPEG-4, enabling the media industry to save significant bandwidth for distributing existing content formats as well as the next-generation Ultra HD at 4K resolution.

The XCode Pro 350 supports the next generation HEVC codec while simultaneously enabling new designs to reach increased density, performance and video quality. At NAB 2013, ViXS will be demonstrating streams generated from the XCode Pro 350, as well as other high-density transcoding and encoding applications for the content infrastructure market.

With the addition of 10 Bit HEVC, enhanced multi-stream transcoding, and motion adaptive deinterlacing, the XCode Pro 350 sets a new standard for quality and density.  New customers using the XCode Pro 350 have the power and flexibility to quickly develop a broad range of solutions for broadcast, cloud infrastructure and hospitality.

By keeping the same application programming interfaces (API's) as the existing XCode Pro chip family, ViXS allows current customers to even more rapidly incorporate the XCode Pro 350 into their product line.

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