Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Zicom launches inTouch, a revolutionary new ‘push video alarm system’

INDIA: Zicom Electronic Security Systems Ltd., one of India’s biggest electronic security companies, has announced the launch of their latest offering – a push video alarm system called inTouch.

A breakthrough innovation in video and intrusion alarm systems, inTouch has been designed keeping in mind the safety of working couples, children, and senior citizens. It is also a powerful business intelligence tool for retail stores across the country.

The inTouch Push Video Alarm System utilizes a PIR (Passive Infra Red) sensor for detection of human movement. This is much more reliable form of motion detection compared to a camera picture. The PIR systems offer a major advantage in terms of the decreased incidence of false alarms. inTouch allows you to move freely and do your daily activities without any fear, instead of constantly worrying about security of your near and dear ones, your home and your valuables.

Apart from securing residential houses, inTouch is an ideal system for retail stores stocking expensive products like jewellery, watches, and mobile phones. Designer boutiques, high-end salons, and other such outlets, especially those situated in crime-sensitive areas, can also secure their premises through inTouch.

It is tailor-made for those who require remote managed services and a video alarm system rather than just a surveillance tool. In case of an undesirable event such as burglary, an emergency response is automatically triggered by inTouch and a copy of the video is also served on the Zicom server.

The new inTouch Push Video Alarm System will be available at all  Zicom’s business verticals like channel and DST as well as retail chains such as Kohinoor and NEXT.

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