Thursday, April 4, 2013

Wibu-Systems supports standardization committee via membership to OPC Foundation

GERMANY: In December 2012, Wibu-Systems AG joined the OPC Foundation as a new active member. This is part of the strategy meant at delivering added value to the automation industry through Wibu-Systems’ security solutions.

The unique values that Wibu-Systems bring to the table are: product and IP protection, protection from tampering and reverse-engineering, as well as business enablement and logistic simplification by means of flexible licensing models based on function driven software modules.

Automation systems are more and more interconnected; „Industry 4.0“ usually refers to “Cyber-Physical Systems” and self-configuring machines, that are highly efficient and allow for the manufacturing of customized low volumes. The OPC Foundation offers a standard, the “OPC UA”, which clearly defines the secure authentication of networked control systems.

With its solution CodeMeter, Wibu-Systems will offer new impulse to the “Security” aspect. The certificates will be OPC UA-compliant and safely stored in the activation file CmActLicense or in the smart card-based hardware device CmDongle, thus facilitating the roll out of certificates.

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