Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wacom's DTK-2241 interactive pen display targets electronic documents workflow

CANADA: Wacom announced the DTK-2241 interactive pen display, a premium communication tool designed to streamline the electronic documents workflow within education, healthcare and business settings.

The successor to the DTU-2231, the new device offers improved pen performance, a higher quality HD LCD with a wider viewing angle and five customizable ExpressKeys for an intuitive and interactive experience that adds impact to digital communication and presentations.

Paperless workflows in a variety of customer-facing business situations continue to grow at an extremely rapid pace. Electronic handwritten signatures are used for terms of service contracts, agreements and other applications. By viewing terms and conditions of the deal on Wacom's DTK-2241 and signing electronically on the screen, business professionals gain record-tracking efficiencies and cost-saving benefits by reducing the dependency on paper.

Healthcare professionals are often required to deliver complicated information to patients. Wacom's DTK-2241 improves the process by enabling hospital doctors, GPs, ophthalmologists and dentists to write, annotate and draw directly on patient charts and x-rays. This makes explanations clearer, more impactful and easier to understand.

In addition, it is an excellent solution for healthcare administrators managing the electronic medical records process.  Procedure consent and insurance forms can be easily viewed and signed on the DTK-2241, greatly improving the patient experience and the overall quality of care.

Educators in colleges and universities, as well as in corporate settings, strive for greater audience engagement. With Wacom's DTK-2241, presenters can turn static material into active and engaging content. By writing with the digital pen directly on the screen, new ideas, comments, sketches and diagrams can be spontaneously added throughout a session, creating a lively and more collaborative environment.

The DTK-2241 gives presenters an opportunity to further engage with their students by letting them face the audience, rather than turning away as would be the case in a traditional blackboard setting. When connected to a projector, the DTK-2241 also ensures ideas and information can be shared with audiences of any size, making it suitable for lecture halls, training rooms and boardrooms.

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