Friday, April 5, 2013

Global tablet market to achieve $53.6 billion in 2013

ENGLAND: Visiongain's latest report examines the global tablet market with a focus on Apple and how rival companies in this space are devising strategies to try and steal market share from the current leading tablet manufacturer. This report is entitled 'Global Tablet Market Report 2013-2018: Will Apple Remain the Incumbent?'

Since its release in 2010, Apple's iPad has been a market leader in this new device category. Keen to mimic Apple's success many companies from internet search giant Google to rival OEMs such as Samsung have launched their own tablets, however Apple still hold a majority of the tablet market.

Between 2011 and 2012 Apple's market share slipped below 50 percent of the first time, suggesting that fierce competition from rivals may finally topple Apple's stronghold.

Key amongst Apple's new rivals are Microsoft, who are simultaneously trying to capture market share from Apple in both the smartphone and tablet spaces. By mimicking Apple's supply chain model Microsoft are making a clear bid for dominance in the tablet market, but with insignificant sales and market share in 2013 will they have triumphed by 2018?

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