Tuesday, April 23, 2013

PromiseUP app debuts on iOS to thwart broken promises

RUSSIA: PromiseUP , developer of software that more accurately and thoroughly tracks the promises we make, today launched as a free iOS app on the App Store. PromiseUP adds a level of simple organization – and tangible incentive – to the promises that we make to our friends, our family, and to ourselves, thereby holding promise makers accountable for what they say they will do, when they say they will do it.

PromiseUP lets users quickly create custom promises with themselves or with others, use virtual currency (UP$) to determine the wager, and set a time limit for when the promise must be completed.
For example, a user might promise her coworker: “I promise I won’t be late for work this week” with a bet of $250UP (each new account is given $1000UP). At the end of that week, PromiseUP asks whether the promise has been kept, and the $UP are transferred to the winner. The virtual $UP can be traded in for real prizes from PromiseUP’s growing UP-Shop  inventory.

“A kept promise is a thing of beauty,” said Ivan Kochetov, CEO of PromiseUP. “Unfortunately, like Kate Winslet’s character in Titanic promising a drowning Leonardo DiCaprio that she’d “never let go,” too many of the promises we make ourselves and our friends end up broken, forgotten, or both. We founded PromiseUP on the belief that following through on promises solidifies friendships, relationships, and pushes our own goals forward in a meaningful way. Our promise is to give users an intuitive, worthwhile platform to be better connected to the promises they come across daily.”

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