Friday, February 21, 2014

MIG announces collaboration with IEEE on e-Health and Internet of Things standards

PISCATAWAY & PITTSBURGH, USA: IEEE, the world’s largest professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for humanity, announced that the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) and MEMS Industry Group (MIG), the trade association advancing micro-electromechanical systems across global markets, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to help accelerate and broaden the adoption of globally relevant standards-based technologies for eHealth and the Internet of Things (IoT).

“We are very excited for the opportunity to partner with MIG to further progress global standards in eHealth and the Internet of Things,” said Konstantinos Karachalios, MD, IEEE-SA. “eHealth and IoT not only complement each other, but together they will completely change person-to-person, human-to-machine and machine-to-machine communications for the benefit of society. As such, these technological genres will be key to the advancement of the connected person.”

The IEEE-SA and MIG collaboration has already resulted in the formation of the IEEE P2700 Standard for Sensor Performance Parameter Definitions Working Group (WG).

“Telemedicine, eHealth and IoT technologies are advancing rapidly,” said Herbert Bennett, IEEE Electron Devices Society sponsor chair of the IEEE P2700 WG, Executive Advisor at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and NIST Fellow. “With its vast experience and expertise, the IEEE-SA was able to move at a fast pace to identify standards and associated measurements required for accelerating the commercialization of healthcare MEMS as one component of the Internet of Things.”

“eHealth and the Internet of Things are keystone technologies that will dramatically improve the lives of every connected human being in this world,” said Karen Lightman, executive director, MEMS Industry Group. “I take pride in knowing that MIG will have foundational involvement in the creation of standards, to work with the best-of-the-best in the industry through this collaboration with IEEE-SA.”

Thursday, June 20, 2013

DataFluidics, Intel and Mellanox to complete integration of Reflex and VMA technology, deliver trailblazing performance

USA: DataFluidics, the innovative provider of ultra-low latency technology announced its flagship product Reflex has introduced compatibility with Mellanox’s VMA, a leading kernel-bypass technology.

“The outstanding performance results achieved from the joint collaboration of Intel, Mellanox, and DataFluidics show how innovative leaders can join forces to deliver the cutting-edge stack that the industry is calling for,” says Daniel Kopko, CEO, DataFluidics. “We are committed to continue our efforts of delivering the best-in-class pure-software low latency solution for reactive data processing.”

With this new feature, Reflex has been measured to have achieved best-ever latency performance of under 2 microseconds, with full results and test description available on its website.

Integration and tests were realized in May 2013 at Intel’s fasterLAB in Winnersh, UK, a cutting-edge test facility for premier hardware products.

Reflex can be licensed stand-alone or through OEM agreement as embedded technology to enable ultra-low latency trading decisions. The technology can also be purchased or distributed by third-party firms.

GreenPeak to speak at Internet of Things conference

THE NETHERLANDS: GreenPeak Technologies, a leading low power RF-semiconductor company, announced that Cees Links, CEO and founder of GreenPeak Technologies, has been selected to speak at The Internet of Things event in Cambridge, UK on June 27.

The Internet of Things 2013 event (IoT13) connects companies building their business on the Internet of Things and focuses on the commercial prospects of IoT by sharing real life experiences of products and services that use connected devices IOT13 looks at where the investment is going, how the supply chain and ecosystem is developing, and which business models will emerge as winners.

Cees Links, founder and CEO of GreenPeak Technologies, will be participating as a speaker in the Smart Homes and consumer products session and explain how Multi-Service Operators (MSOs) are driving this new market segment, how these new services will generate new business opportunities, and how Smart Home services will bridge to the IoT in the near future.

“GreenPeak believes that Smart Home applications are the crucial enabler for the development of the Internet of Things.” says Cees Links of GreenPeak Technologies, a market leader for ZigBee silicon for wireless sensor communication. “ZigBee, the communication technology behind Smart Home applications, offers a low cost and low power complement to WiFi.”

Only sensor applications that operate under industry standards will enable devices from different vendors to interoperate, an essential feature for  Smart Home and IoT applications.

The Smart Home will accelerate the use of sensor applications beyond the home: in building automation, for utilities and the smart grid, and from there in industrial, logistical and agricultural applications. Cees says, “The Internet of Things will quickly change our world in ways we cannot even imagine yet.”

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

MicroStrategy and Hortonworks to advance big data analytics

USA: Hortonworks, a leading open source contributor and provider of enterprise Apache Hadoop, and MicroStrategy Inc., a leading worldwide provider of business intelligence (BI) and mobile software, are joining forces to usher in the next-generation of big data analytics.

MicroStrategy has certified the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) 1.3 with MicroStrategy 9.3.1 in order to provide a solution that enables business users to quickly and easily leverage Hadoop data sources and perform advanced analytics that improve decision-making. HDP 1.3 incorporates the most recent advances from the open source community allowing customers to leverage the latest enterprise-focused Hadoop innovations and optimizations.

Hortonworks also joined the MicroStrategy Technology Partner Program in order to have access to MicroStrategy technology, technical resources, marketing and sales support to further accelerate Hadoop as the next-generation data platform.

Eurocopter and Ramco sign partnership agreement to offer cloud-based maintenance information systems for helicopters

FRANCE: Eurocopter announced its global partnership with Ramco Systems, the global Aviation Software provider on cloud, mobile and tablets. Both companies will join forces to offer state-of-the-art helicopter maintenance software which will ease the life of operators and maintenance centers.

This partnership agreement, formally signed at the 2013 Paris Air Show, enables Eurocopter and Ramco Systems to offer additional mobility and functionality for the collection and treatment of MRO-related data, thereby providing highly effective and cost-efficient fleet management services that are affordable and user friendly for all operators – including those with smaller numbers of helicopters.

“Ramco’s cloud-based maintenance software solution is an outstanding addition to our service offering,” said Matthieu Louvot, senior VP of Support and Services. “The partnership will bring us closer to our customers’ maintenance operations, enabling us to offer them the best quality of service.”

P. R. Venketrama Raja, vice chairman and MD, Ramco Systems, said “The strength and capability of our Aviation solution gets a global endorsement with Eurocopter, the number one civil and parapublic helicopter manufacturer, choosing Ramco for its functionality, cloud-based solution with mobility, new user interface and role-based WorkSpaces. Ramco Aviation on Cloud is modular which makes it user friendly for small and large operators.”

With tens of thousands of parts in an aircraft, tracking and managing each stage of maintenance work would become unmanageable without a user friendly and comprehensive M&E/ MRO solution. The Ramco-Eurocopter cloud based MRO software addresses the unique needs of smaller Operators, MROs and CAMOs, which until now had to either run on disparate point solutions or operate manually using paper/ excel to track maintenance and manage safety and regulatory compliance.

ThousandEyes launches performance management for cloud era

USA: At Structure 2013, ThousandEyes emerged from stealth mode and launched a new product that, for the first time, provides detailed visibility into the performance of cloud applications and helps IT teams resolve performance problems quickly. ThousandEyes' customers include members of the Fortune 500, Equinix, Evernote, Priceline, ServiceNow, Twitter, Zendesk and Zynga.

ThousandEyes also announced $5.5 million in funding from Sequoia Capital and angel investors:

"Performance management products have not kept pace with the innovation in cloud services. Legacy products are ineffective in solving problems enterprises face today, creating migraines for IT," said Mohit Lad, co-founder and CEO of ThousandEyes. "We have built a product from ground up for the cloud era to help companies get the best performance out of their cloud applications."

As they adopt cloud applications such as Salesforce and WebEx, enterprises are becoming more reliant on networks outside of their control, including the service providers' data centers and the public Internet. Existing performance management products are blind to service issues beyond the corporate network perimeter and when cloud applications are slow or unavailable, IT teams have no idea where the problem lies. This is further complicated when troubleshooting involves distributed teams across different organizations, causing outages to last longer than they should, negatively impacting user productivity and business revenue.

ThousandEyes has developed an innovative new technology that correlates different layers involved in the delivery of applications and pinpoints the source of a problem, whether it is inside or outside an organization. ThousandEyes also makes it easier for people in different places -- or even at different companies -- to work together to fix problems in real time through a built-in collaboration platform that enables issues to be resolved in minutes and eliminates finger-pointing.