Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Barcoding Inc. helps Canton Port Services set sail for data collection accuracies and efficiencies

BALTIMORE, USA: Barcoding Inc., a leader in enterprise-wide mobility solutions, has helped Canton Port Services, LLC, set sail for new accuracies and efficiencies by implementing a customized barcode scanning solution that eliminates manual processes in receiving, load out, and customs clearing operations.

Canton Port Services is a unique private terminal in the Baltimore Harbor that offers a full menu of services, including handling, storing, and rail loading and unloading.

Turning to Barcoding, Canton Port Services sought a solution that would eliminate time-consuming, error-prone manual data entry in the receiving and load-out processes while also preventing potentially costly mistakes in customs clearing.

To meet Canton Port Services’ needs, Barcoding implemented a barcode scanning system, consisting of mobile computers, printers, barcode labels, and a customized web-based application developed with its CaptureSoft Xpress platform. Barcoding then integrated the software with Canton Port Services’ partner’s booking system to update inventory in real time as vehicles are scanned.

Connected health startup launches world’s first wearable activity tracker for medication packages

MILAN, ITALY & LONDON, ENGLAND: One of healthcare’s biggest concerns is the discrepancy between potentially achievable success rates and the actual treatment success rates when it comes to patients.

Studies show that something as simple as getting patients to take their meds, on time, in the right order and in the proper amount, could actually prevent as many as 125,000 deaths per year in the United States.

Studies show non-adherence results in $100 billion annually in excess hospitalization costs and when all economic consequences are included, the problem may result in as much as $290 billion annually in avoidable medical spending.

Today Amiko, a unique wearable activity tracker that actually wraps around medicine packaging, launches to tackle non-adherent behavior as it happens.
While other solutions are either smartphone apps which rely on patients to accurately and consistently report behavior or are very expensive, custom-made medication packages, Amiko is very simple, inexpensive and literally detects and tracks when a patient is dispensing medication with no additional self-reporting or other activities required.

Designed for ease-of-use but also showing its roots in the Italian fashion world of Milan, Amiko is elegant and sophisticated.

Amiko is an affordable, lightweight sensor-packed in a leaf-shaped sleeve that is specially designed to fit perfectly on five common types of medicine packaging.

Easy to use, Amiko is placed on medicine packaging and detects both motion and the angle of motion using its MEMS sensors, accelerometer and gyroscope.  It tracks the medicine taken and sends information to a connected app available to patients and caregivers.

Lava launches its premium QPAD R704

NEW DELHI, INDIA: LAVA International Ltd announced the launch of its latest tablet for the Indian market, QPAD R704 competitively priced at Rs. 8499/- and targeted at young working professionals, students in professional courses and enterprise segment.

QPAD R704 fulfills the core requirements of the users by offering them a seamless experience in entertainment, emails, presentations, application surfing, web browsing and a longer usage time through its optimized power management. The tablet takes the legacy of E704 one step ahead by bringing together a superior computing experience and brilliant graphics through its IPS display with HD capabilities.

QPAD R704 is powered by 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon quad core processor and supports single SIM 3G voice and video calls, along with data access providing consumers with 3G connectivity on the go. The tablet is also equipped with High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), which provides improved video quality support for higher resolution videos and Snapdragon Audio for rich 3D surround sound and excellent audio performance.

R704 also features Qualcomm Interference Cancellation and Equalization (Q-ICE) that enriches the network capacity by reducing the noise in the cellular network and enhances the mobile broadband user experience.

The tablet also showcases great accuracy on positioning & location services through its GPS. It runs on Android Jelly bean 4.3 Android OS and comes with 1GB RAM and 8GB internal memory which is expandable up to 32GB. While in terms of connectivity, the tablet supports Wi-Fi, 3G connectivity, Bluetooth, EDGE and 2G.

The tablet is supported by a 3,500 mAh battery which delivers up to 300 hours of standby time and 10 hours talk time. The Qualcomm Quick Charge technology further allows 30% faster charging on the device. The tablet sports a 2MP rear camera and 0.3 MP front camera  for video calling.

Ricoh unveils G800SE rugged camera to streamline critical information workflow

MALVERN, USA: Ricoh Americas Corp. unveiled major improvements to its water-, dust- and shock-resistant camera, which includes an innovative barcode reading capability that helps streamline workflows across a wide range of industries.

The new Wi-Fi- and Bluetooth-enabled RICOH G800SE enables dynamic information capture in industries such as automotive, logistics, government, healthcare, emergency services and more.

For example, a car dealership can scan the barcode on a new car, photograph the vehicle, and have the photograph and vehicle information flow directly to the dealership website for customers to see. This new workflow saves hours of painstaking information retrieval and organization. With a standard camera, clerks would need to manually match images to each car, introducing the possibility of error at every step.

"By embedding critical data into images, the RICOH G800SE epitomizes information mobility, the ability for employees to access just the information they need in the form they need it to make important decisions," said Matt Sakauchi, VP, Technology Marketing, Ricoh Americas. "This is just one way we're making customers' business information work for them in this new world of work."

The RICOH G800SE includes a host of upgrades over the previous generation of ruggedized Ricoh wireless-enabled camera, the RICOH G700SE. For example, a higher-resolution image sensor provides a new ability to capture images under low-light conditions.

The RICOH G800SE also takes advantage of higher wireless transmission speeds and the more secure "enterprise" Wi-Fi increasingly seen in healthcare facilities and government agencies. It leverages the Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol (PEAP), an emerging standard in enterprise wireless security.

A flexible password lock feature enables organizations to create separate passwords for administrators and users with each one unlocking different sets of permissions. A smartphone connection enables users to remotely operate the camera via their mobile devices. Using a smartphone or tablet, they can preview, zoom, shoot and capture image data, including GPS position. The capability is ideal for surveillance applications.

Organizations can manage fleets of RICOH G800SE cameras via remote management software with the ability to upgrade firmware, adjust camera settings and update memo functions. An alternative for camera configuration is distributing SD cards with prescribed settings.

Monday, October 27, 2014

NTT DOCOMO releases Open Web API compatible with Vuzix M100 smart glasses

ROCHESTER, USA: Vuzix Corp. announced Vuzix M100 compatibility with NTT DOCOMO's recent release of the "Device Connect WebAPI", an open source application-programming interface (API) to provide connectivity with various wearable electronic devices.

The release supports Vuzix' award-winning M100 Smart Glasses. The API is currently being standardized by the Open Mobile Alliance the industry forum that is driving mobile-service standardization.

With more than 53 million customers, DOCOMO's Device Connect WebAPI release now enables near seamless interoperability between devices, apps, and web pages utilizing server-virtualization technology running on smartphones.

The Device Connect WebAPI also engages developers to reach customers on mobile, social and cloud platforms, to fuel mobile and multichannel innovation strategies. The common API allow developers to create apps compatible with a variety of devices including the M100 Smart Glasses, which usually require dedicated development kits.

DOCOMO's new Open Web API allows developers to integrate services, sensors and other devices which will enable them to build completely new experiences based around the M100 Smart Glasses, fostering a more interactive experience and customized functionality.

For example, a developer could link a wristband device of one manufacturer to operate Vuzix' Smart Glasses, and likewise retrieve data from a pedometer and a bodyweight scale of different manufacturers, and then integrate the data for display with a single application or web browser.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Free MyBD converts Blu-rays to 2 percent of size with same resolution and almost same quality

BARCELONA, SPAIN: Cinemartin has just released new software that converts Blu-rays to 2 percent of its original size maintaining the same resolution and almost the same quality.

MyBD allows users to backup Blu-ray disc movies and videos using the World's latest High quality / smallest video size codec, producing files in the HEVC H.265 format both in MKV and MP4 containers. As a result, files are small enough to fit hundreds in a pen drive.

The latest developments from Cinemartin include completion of a world record in H.265 video encoding and support of the first H.265 10-Bit encoding, based on its popular Cinec video converter. Now, MyBD works for movies, documentary films and music video distribution as the first all-in-one Blu-ray converter to H265. This allows between 128 and 200 movies in a 64GB USB pen drive available on today's market per around $20 / 15€ or less than a pen drive.