Thursday, October 2, 2014

Smart wearable device shipments to exceed 100 million by 2017

BASINGSTOKE, ENGLAND: New findings from Juniper Research have revealed that global smart wearable device shipments will more than quadruple by 2017, reaching 116 million units, compared to an estimated 27 million this year. However, this still suggests that less than 5 percent of smartphones will be used with such wearables by this time.

The extensive new report - Smart Wearables: Fitness, Glasses, Watches, Multimedia, Clothing, Jewellery, Healthcare & Enterprise 2014-2019 - asserts that with technological barriers coming down, larger players in the market are moving beyond devices to produce operating systems and databanks to manage the information generated by wearables. Recent examples include Google's Android Wear, Qualcomm's 2net and Samsung's Digital Health Initiative.

This will bring an explosion of devices into an already crowded market, as smaller companies focus on producing quality hardware without needing software expertise. As a result, the segment will be less open to truly unique innovations, with software platforms dictating capability. Consequently, independent wearables will remain rare, as manufacturers continue to build their software around a companion smartphone to encourage a dual revenue stream.

Juniper anticipates that increasingly capable smart watches will incorporate multiple sensors, negating the need for separate devices to measure health and fitness biometrics.

The report argues that, this will cut both ways, as several fitness devices such as the Samsung Gear Fit and Razer Nabu offer notification services in addition to activity tracking, assimilating smart watch capabilities. Consequently, we believe that it will take until 2017 for more smart watches to be used than fitness wearables.

Other key findings include:
* More advanced wearable technologies will be developed first for enterprise and healthcare applications, as these segments have clear use cases that technology can solve.

* Smart wearable device revenues will reach over $53 billion in 2019.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

WebSite X5 v11 launched

IVREA, ITALY: An updated graphic interface that is now even more intuitive and functional than before: new App plugins to integrate in your websites, a database of over 1,500 free, ready-to-use templates to be customized at will, website analysis and visits statistics and a revised and more powerful text editor are just some of the new features that you will find in this all-Italian software success story.

Incomedia officially announces the release of WebSite X5® v11, the new version of the famous software for creating websites that is developed by Incomedia, the well-known Italian company, and sold worldwide with great success.

WebSite X5 is a perfect combination of simplicity and power, giving everybody the opportunity to create a perfect, professional website and have it online immediately, even for non-professional web-designers. You can build an up-and-running website in no time, thanks to the intuitive, five-step procedure. Create a blog, a website for your company or favorite club, an online store for your business or a "Hi! This is me" website: no matter what, the result will be professional, complete, perfect!

Websites created with WebSite X5 are always optimized for search engines and will work perfectly on tablets and smartphones. If you purchase the professional version, you will find a mobile app that is ready to be downloaded for free from the Apple Store or from Google Play: all you have to do is associate it with your website and invite your visitors to download it so they can stay up-to-date with all your latest news.

VU announces 85" 4K UHD 3D SMART LED TV and 40-inch Window READY TV on eBay India

INDIA: Vu Televisions announced the launch of Vu 85" 4K UHD 3D SMART LED TV & 40" Window READY TV exclusively on eBay India customers will now be able to access the latest offering by Vu and enjoy a larger than life viewing experience.

Vidmay Naini, Business head – Technology Category, PaisaPay and PowerShip, eBay India, said: “Vu is known for its innovation in displays and new-age products. Indian consumers on eBay are extremely technology savvy and constantly seek innovative products.

"With the launch of its 85" 4K UHD 3D SMART LED TV and 40" Window READY TV exclusively on eBay India, Vu will have the opportunity to target the over 2.1 million active users who log on to from 4,306 cities, towns and villages across the country. The eBay India marketplace is a great platform for global brands like Vu to leverage as part of their multi-channel strategy.”

Widget distributes Pebble smartwatches in UK and Benelux

UK: Consumer electronics distributor Widget UK Ltd has signed distribution contracts to supply the Pebble smartwatch family to retailers and resellers in the UK and Benelux, through its associate company Now Mobile BV.

Both the Pebble, which was launched on Kickstarter as the most successful crowdfunding campaign to date and Pebble Steel, the premium smartwatch for iOS and Android, are now being shipped to retailers by specialist distributors Widget UK Ltd, based in Stevenage UK and Now Mobile BV, based in Eindhoven NL.

David Elder, MD of Widget, said: “Not only has Pebble had a fantastic reception from our retail customers, it will also fit into the range of wearable technology products which we distribute. According to Wired magazine, Pebble ‘follows the grand tradition of small, Silicon Valley startups.’ Part of that grand tradition is bringing the product to Europe and we are delighted to be in there at the start.”

NI announces rugged compact Vision system for USB3 Vision cameras

USA: NI announced a compact solution for high-speed vision applications. The NI CVS-1459RT is a small, rugged vision system with a quad-core Intel Atom processor and two dedicated USB 3.0 ports for USB3 Vision cameras.

“The NI Compact Vision System is my go-to solution for vision applications where reliability and uptime are key,” said Robert Eastlund, VP of sales for Graftek Imaging Inc. “Now, I can leverage the easy connectivity and high throughput of USB3 while taking advantage of new features for high-performance processing and HMI integration. The NI CVS-1459RT enables high-resolution, high-speed industrial vision solutions.”

The NI CVS-1459RT is programmed with either LabVIEW system design software or Vision Builder for Automated Inspection (AI). Engineers have the option of using LabVIEW FPGA to further customize the FPGA-enabled I/O and tightly synchronize vision inspection results with other parts of industrial systems, such as encoders and proximity sensors.

Custom-made micro-optic lens arrays

DORTMUND, GERMANY: Tiny, large and unique worldwide - the hallmark features of the process LIMO uses to manufacture micro-optics from glass wafers. The Dortmund-based company has recently begun fabricating square wafers with a 350 mm edge length.

Dortmund-based LIMO Lissotschenko Mikrooptik GmbH has long been taking a very versatile approach to micro-optics production. The manufacturing process, which the company says is the only one of its kind in the world, is remarkable particularly because the individual optics can be as large as the entire wafer or, after they have been separated, less than 1.0 mm in size, with the individual cylindrical lenses shaped as required.

This allows for a wide range of possible shapes, from aspheres right through to Fresnel lenses. Optical glass, crystals, ceramics, metals and semi-conductors (including CaF2, fused silica, ZnSe) can all serve as the raw material.