Monday, October 20, 2014

Exceptional audio visual entertainment with VU- 65" curved 4k UHD SMART LED TV

USA: Vu Televisions unveiled its 65" curved 4k UHD SMART LED TV – available online and in stores.

Technology customers this season will now be able to enjoy an immersive experience from Vu's new Ultra HD curved panel, at an affordable price.  Vu’s 65” Curved 4K UHD SMART LED TV hits the market today at Rs. 2,24,900 as compared to Samsung’s competing model at Rs. 4,09,000.

Going the extra mile, the Vu’s curved TV comes with some exciting features.  It has Bluetooth connectivity, so users can pair all of their Bluetooth devices to the TV.  The new curved television also features voice interaction for instant web browsing, Air Mouse Remote for an interactive point and click experience, 8GB NAND storage for local downloads, and cloud storage access for the tech savvy consumer.

The concave screen and powerful external speakers surround viewers with life-like video and audio.  Wide colour gamut panels with Advanced Hyper Technology enhance image colours to ensure optimal performance. The 178 degree viewing angle on the Vu 65" Curved 4k UHD SMART LED TV wins against the competition, making this the best curved TV for large audiences.

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