Thursday, October 23, 2014

Avi-on debuts simple Bluetooth home for everyone

SAN FRANCISCO, USA: Avi-on Labs launched its Avi-on Simple Bluetooth Home ecosystem through a crowdfunding campaign. What started as an Avi-on movable and wireless light switch has quickly evolved into a suite of products that communicate using familiar Bluetooth Smart technology.

The Avi-on Simple Bluetooth Home ecosystem lets you manage and control traditional household plugs and inside and outside lighting all without changing any of your existing wiring. Avi-on products are easy to set up and use, while eliminating the hassle of complex hubs most smart home solutions require.

In addition to the Avi-on Movable Light Switch and a Bluetooth Smart Light bulb, Avi-on technology will control and schedule a full ecosystem of both in-wall and plug-in GE brand Bluetooth lighting controls manufactured by Jasco Products including:

* GE Bluetooth Smart Light Dimmer
* GE Bluetooth Smart Light Switch
* GE Bluetooth Smart Indoor Plug
* GE Bluetooth Smart Indoor Dimmable Plug
* GE Bluetooth Smart Outdoor Plug.

The affordable suite of products easily integrates into your existing home infrastructure and you can use them like any other switch or plug. In addition, the Avi-on Android and iOS apps let you turn lights on and off, dim, put them on schedules, or group them. All without an Internet connection. Avi-on uses Bluetooth mesh technology, which enables all devices to communicate throughout the home.

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