Friday, October 24, 2014

Free MyBD converts Blu-rays to 2 percent of size with same resolution and almost same quality

BARCELONA, SPAIN: Cinemartin has just released new software that converts Blu-rays to 2 percent of its original size maintaining the same resolution and almost the same quality.

MyBD allows users to backup Blu-ray disc movies and videos using the World's latest High quality / smallest video size codec, producing files in the HEVC H.265 format both in MKV and MP4 containers. As a result, files are small enough to fit hundreds in a pen drive.

The latest developments from Cinemartin include completion of a world record in H.265 video encoding and support of the first H.265 10-Bit encoding, based on its popular Cinec video converter. Now, MyBD works for movies, documentary films and music video distribution as the first all-in-one Blu-ray converter to H265. This allows between 128 and 200 movies in a 64GB USB pen drive available on today's market per around $20 / 15€ or less than a pen drive.

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