Thursday, October 30, 2014

Apical launches assertive display 4 for featuring dynamic content adaptation

LONDON, UK: Apical Ltd announced the launch of the latest version of its advanced display management core: Assertive Display 4 featuring Dynamic Content Adaptation.

Assertive Display enables mobile device manufacturers to deliver a high-quality viewing experience, even in bright sunshine, and enables dramatic reductions in display power consumption. It goes beyond traditional backlight control to render the display adaptive to its environment, just as the human eye adjusts to different conditions.

With the addition of Dynamic Content Adaptation, Apical is expanding Assertive Display’s capabilities by enabling the actual video content, in addition to ambient light, to add intelligent control to the display performance. The result: improved power consumption and display quality for TV and movie streaming on mobile devices.

“Assertive Display with Dynamic Content Adaptation is a milestone for the industry. It announces the first introduction of intelligence into the visual functionality of a smartphone and marks a trend and a range of intelligent developments that Apical will be delivering over the next few years,” said Michael Tusch, CEO of Apical.

“Not only have we enhanced our industry-leading Assertive Display product, but we now have a solution to a problem that has dogged the mobile industry: fully functional, low power dynamic backlight control.”

Assertive Display is the product of 12 years of R&D into human vision and represents a dramatic development in how content can be viewed on mobile devices. By modelling how the eye adapts to different ambient light and content changes, Assertive Display delivers a seamless viewing experience, whether the display is viewed in a dark room or in bright sunshine.

Through continuous and dynamic pixel adjustment to preserve contrast and colour, Assertive Display delivers TV-like quality with no washout of the screen, which plagued previous-generation technologies.

Assertive Display with Dynamic Content Adaptation now enables the content stream to deliver unparalleled dynamic backlight control, which offers significant power reductions over previous versions coupled with improved viewing quality. These product enhancements can offer up to 40 percent power savings over previous versions of Assertive Display when watching movies, especially in dark ambient lighting environments.

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