Wednesday, January 26, 2011

BroadLight joins Home Gateway Initiative

SANTA CLARA, USA: BroadLight, the leading supplier of fiber access processors, announced its recent membership to the Home Gateway Initiative (HGI), the industry’s principle body for defining home gateway requirements.

“HGI holds a significant standing in setting the standards for carrier gateway equipment and services,” said Doron Tal, Vice President Business Development and Product Marketing at BroadLight, “complementary to HGI our activities with other industry forums and standards bodies enables BroadLight to continue its direct contribution to this evolving market."

“With BroadLight joining HGI, we welcome an important player in the integrated circuit market to our forum,” said Duncan Bees, chief technology and business officer for HGI. “BroadLight is recognized as a leading manufacturer of devices for GPON and Ultra Broadband Home Gateways. Their expertise will be of great assistance as HGI develops the feature and testing requirements for the next generation of home networking equipment, including the Home Gateway and the NGA-capable Network Termination device.”

The HGI, founded in 2004 by major broadband service providers (BSPs), and joined by leading vendors of digital home equipment, is shaping the way that IP services are delivered to the home. The HGI publishes requirements for digital home building blocks. Those building blocks are the hardware and software in the digital home that connect consumers and services. They include home gateways, home networks, and home network devices.

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