Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Irdeto helps Skylink reach 1 million subscribers for digital satellite service

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS: Irdeto, the global leader in securing and delivering premium content and digital assets, today announced that long standing customer, Skylink has reached one million subscribers for its Direct to Home (DTH) satellite service in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Skylink's content is protected by Irdeto's Conditional Access System (CAS), which has contributed to the company’s success by enabling the satellite TV provider to invest in premium content as well as offer national channels from both countries securely.

Czech Republic and Slovakia have an increasingly competitive satellite TV market with five providers between them. Skylink has been able to differentiate itself in the market by developing a compelling business model that allows subscribers to make a one off payment for the dish, box and smart card, in addition to pay monthly Premium and high definition (HD) services.

Skylink also offers high quality viewing including national channels from both countries as well as sport, film and entertainment channels. The content is protected by Irdeto’s CAS, which offers a state-of-the-art hardware platform, software technology and cryptography, for protection against content theft.

Skylink's success is also driven by its relationship with SES ASTRA, Europe’s leading provider of satellite services, as it uses ASTRA's prime satellite orbital position, which is located at 23.5 degrees East. This means that Skylink viewers experience a crystal-clear picture quality with minimal disruption to the service.

“Achieving one million subscribers is a major accomplishment in our competitive market," commented Jaromír Glisník, Managing Director at Skylink. “Irdeto has been instrumental to our success by enabling us to offer secure content, meaning our services are appealing to both content owners and consumers. To continue this level of growth we are now looking at adding even more compelling features to our service such as high-definition channels and more premium content into subscription packages. Irdeto will continue to protect our content and enable us to continuously improve our customers’ viewing experience.”

Graham Kill, CEO, Irdeto, said: “Skylink has developed compelling business models which have ensured the continued growth of its business. The company has also recognized the importance of content protection, which gives operators in all markets the ability to defend their content against a growing number of threats, protecting their revenue and giving customers access to the latest television shows, films and sporting events.”

Martin Kubacki, Managing Director of ASTRA Central Eastern Europe concluded; “The success of Skylink shows that SES ASTRA has succeeded in establishing 23.5 degrees East as a prime orbital position for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We are very proud to have contributed to Skylink’s success and will remain committed to further promote 23.5 degrees East as well as the digitalization process in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other Central Eastern European countries.”

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