Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kaai releases blue laser diode product

Projection Summit 2010, GOLETA, USA: Kaai Inc., a leader in commercialization of green and blue laser diodes, announced shipments of its new blue laser diode product for display and specialty applications.

The company will present a product introduction for the blue laser and an update on its green laser commercialization at Projection Summit 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 7, 2010.

Kaai’s new blue laser diode is designed for integration into portable applications such as embedded and companion pico projectors and features 60 mW of 445 nm single mode output power in a compact TO‐38 package.

The lasers operate with high efficiency and require minimal power consumption over a broad temperature range, meeting the demanding requirements of consumer projection displays, defense pointers and illuminators, biomedical instrumentation and therapeutics, and industrial imaging applications.

Kaai’s blue lasers are based on the company’s patented and proprietary InGaN semiconductor technology and are fabricated on innovative GaN substrates.

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