Wednesday, May 26, 2010

CARTES & IDentification 2010 celebrates 25th anniversary with 'Innovation' as theme

PARIS, FRANCE: "Business, Innovation, Foresight and Celebration" will set the tone of the 25th CARTES & IDentification trade show, the world’s leading event for digital security, smart technologies, payment and contactless which will open its doors in Paris from 7th to 9th December 2010.

A real focal point for innovation, the 20,000 visitors and 1,300 delegates expected will be the very first to discover all the latest news from the international market of smart technologies and identification from the 500 companies present at the reference event.

25 years already
Launched in 1986, just a few years after the first smart cards appeared, the CARTES trade show in Paris brought together a handful of experts for a programme of strategic conferences covering payment and e-money.

Over its 25 years, CARTES has certainly grown up and undeniably established itself as the international event bringing together the entire digital security, payment and contactless community. Providing a vast platform for building strategic business alliances, the event has become the trend setter for the global market and the sector’s innovations.

For the 2010 event, the CARTES trade show and congress are offering new roads into new markets.

M2M and radio communications technologies enabled a growing number of “things” to exchange data electronically, without human intervention. Thus, the Internet of Things was born! The potential is considerable and the challenges in terms of communication methods (M2M, RFID, NFC, WIFI, ZIGBEE, etc.), auto ID, network infrastructure, data and data transfer security, as well as respect for confidentiality are crucial.

The representation of the technologies from around the world, in the exhibition and the topics of global concern, addressed at the conferences, CARTES is indeed the ideal platform to bring together the IoT community. The trade show will be an opportunity to transform ideas into practical projects and to revive real opportunities for new business.

To achieve this, the Internet of Things area will welcome a new target of visitors from the communicating vehicles, smart buildings, leisure and consumer technology sectors. This space will also include an exhibition area, specific events and dedicated workshops. A series of conferences specific to the Internet of Things will be held over the three days of the exhibition.

CARTES & IDentification 2010 will also include:

Conferences on the cutting edge
A real concentration of information and expertise, the Conferences bring together for three days 1,300 delegates to discuss the latest technical developments, marketing and strategic issues and hear feedback on concrete case studies.

Based on the theme "cards and identification", these 20 conferences (NFC and contactless, card security, debit and credit cards, manufacturing of cards, identification, M2M & IoT) shall be the best way to assess the market and an indispensable way to have a virtual tour of all the stands. Over the years, the conferences have become the forum of choice for communication among leading industrialists in the sector and international decision-makers.

The World Card Summit: industry leaders speak out
The trade show’s opening conference welcomes the leading CEOs in the industry. They will share their vision of the market and their views on the future of this industry, while Eurosmart will exclusively announce its latest figures. This presentation, the highlight of the Conferences, attracted more than 400 people last year.

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