Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Coship selects Microtune TV tuner for cable HD STBs and modems in China

PLANO, USA: Microtune Inc. has announced that Coship Electronics Co. Ltd, one of China's largest manufacturers of set-top boxes, designed its DVB-C cable set-top box and its high-speed cable modem using the MicroTuner MT2066 TV tuner chip.

Addressing the large and growing domestic China cable services market, Coship's products enable cable operators to add video, voice and data services to their cable network infrastructure as part of the country’s transition to digital TV (DTV).

According to BDA China, cable TV reached 163 million households and an estimated 500 million people in China in 2009, making it the world's largest cable market. Based in Shanghai, Microtune China has dedicated sales, manufacturing, engineering, and design support teams in place to support Coship and other local manufacturers.

"With our strong employee and manufacturing base in China, Microtune is committed to providing customers with proven, high-performance devices at the price points that allow them to penetrate the growing and diverse Chinese cable TV market," said James A. Fontaine, President and CEO of Microtune.

"We are extremely pleased that Coship has chosen Microtune technology as an integral part of its cable product strategy, and we look forward to seeing their products continue to bring performance and competitive advantages to cable operators throughout China."

The Microtune MT2066 offers a versatile digital cable tuner that is ideal for use in DVB-C set-top boxes and cable modems – it is designed to help reduce overall system cost, to speed deployment, and to offer excellent price/performance value.

Given the diverse and challenging cable system needs throughout China, the MT2066 is designed to provide a high level of performance that allows cable products to deliver consistent, reliable performance, even in the provinces. As an added advantage, Microtune China's team offers skilled applications and engineering support to help expedite designs and accelerate time to production.

Operating from a 3.3-volt supply, the MT2066 is a miniature 6.35mm2, multi-functional chip that delivers excellent price/performance value.

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