Friday, May 21, 2010

austriamicrosystems scores success in patent infringement lawsuit against Melexis

UNTERPREMSTAETTEN, AUSTRIA: austriamicrosystems announced that the District Court (Landgericht) in Duesseldorf (Germany) issued a decision in the patent infringement lawsuit regarding magnetic field encoder products against Melexis N.V. / SA (Belgium) and its German subsidiary Melexis GmbH fully in favor of austriamicrosystems.

In its first-instance verdict the court established that the sale and distribution of products from Melexis’ product family of magnetic field encoders in Germany infringes European Patent EP 0 916 074 B1 exclusively held by austriamicrosystems. The court decision can be appealed.

austriamicrosystems is the worldwide leader in high resolution ICs with magnetic field sensors, offering a broad range of rotary and linear encoders. Providing robust, contactless position measurement, magnetic field encoders from austriamicrosystems are ideally suited for virtually countless applications in industrial, automotive and consumer electronics.

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