Thursday, May 27, 2010

Code launches Code Reader 8000 featuring Aptina MT9M033 HD image sensor

SALT LAKE CITY, USA: Code Corp. announced that its new CR8000 bar code reader features the new MT9M033 HD image sensor from Aptina. The Code Reader 8000 (CR8000), designed for embedded applications, includes a world-class imaging and decoding platform that meets demanding space requirements without compromising on bar code reading performance.

Code began collaborating with Aptina on its new product during the summer of 2009. “We had very strict product requirements, and the Aptina MT9M033 was the clear choice in meeting the needs of our product roadmap for the next five to seven years,” said Garrett Russell, VP of Marketing for Code.

“Our products have several key differentiators that give Code extreme competitive advantage in the marketplace, and by selecting the MT9M033 from Aptina, we have chosen a partner that gives us the base platform to continuously push bar code scanning performance to the next level.”

Aptina’s sensor can be integrated with either a global shutter or rolling shutter. For the CR8000, Code has initially selected the rolling shutter, but with pin for pin compatibility, Code can easily integrate the global shutter version for additional applications that have unique bar code scanning requirements.

Designed with Aptina Dual Conversion Gain (DCG) technology and high speed capture technology, the MT9M033 HD megapixel image sensor uniquely offers both 60 fps high speed capture and excellent low light sensitivity for bar code reading function.

“HD resolution, speed and performance are critical success factors for scan reader devices. We are very excited about Code Corporation adopting the MT9M003 and fully optimizing the sensor capabilities in their latest CR8000 reader,” said David Zimpfer, Vice President and General Manager of Aptina’s Automotive & Industrial Business Unit. ”We are committed to developing and delivering distinctive imaging solutions like the MT9M033 to our customers.”

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