Thursday, October 16, 2014

Altem to sell Artec 3D scanners in India

BANGALORE, INDIA: Altem Technologies, the leaders in 3D printing technology and PLM solutions in India, stepped up its presence in the 3D arena with the expansion of its product portfolio into 3D scanners with Artec 3D scanners.

The Artec Group develops and manufactures 3D scanners that analyse real-world objects and gather data on shapes, which is then used to create a 3D physical replica. Artec offers the only handheld scanners that are lightweight, precise, and able to capture objects quickly, in high resolution and vibrant colour. Altem Technologies will be reselling both product lines from Artec, namely, Eva and Spider 3D scanner models.

Artec scanners provides fast, accurate scanning in colour and requires no markers or calibration. It digitizes objects quickly in high resolution and vivid colours, offering almost unlimited application possibilities.

Artec scanners are perfect for reverse engineering, product design, Inspection and quality control. Globally, the scanners are widely used in Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics, Medical, Media and Entertainment, Heritage Preservation, Archaeological and various other engineering R & D entities.

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