Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Giga Entertainment sees enormous growth potential as streaming video services and tablet use explode

NEW YORK, USA: Giga Entertainment Media (GEM) is ideally positioned to capitalize on the dramatic shift by consumers – led by 18- to 34-year-olds – away from cable, satellite and Telco providers to streaming video services, Bryan Maizlish, CEO of GEM, said.

GEM is a multi-media advanced technology company that provides, through its GIGANETTV and Super App SIMUL SEZ products, simultaneous multi-screen, multi-stream, multi-tasking and multi-user collaboration features and capabilities and the entire range of interactive social network applications all at the same time on one device.

Citing CBS's and HBO's announcements last week to introduce stand-alone streaming services, as well as new research from digital marketing firm ComScore, Maizlish said the shift away from cable television and other traditional content providers has reached a tipping point, with television well on its way to becoming the "third screen" for anyone under the age of 35.

"We are thrilled with the announcements from CBS and HBO that the two industry leaders – one a major over-the-air network and the other a leading cable, satellite and Telco content provider – are dramatically changing their business models to offer stand-alone streaming video services starting in 2015," Maizlish said. "It has been clear to us at GEM for a long time that the world – especially the 18- to 34-year-old world – is moving away from traditional television consumption and toward tablets and other mobile devices."

Maizlish added: "The strategic change of direction by CBS and HBO, along with new research from ComScore that shows that about one-third of all television viewing for people between the ages of 18 to 34 is done on computers, tablets or smartphones, validates our thinking and paves the way for rapid and broad acceptance of our GIGANETTV platform and our SIMUL SEZ Super App for iPad. We have the only technology that can provide access to any and all online content anywhere, anytime, simultaneously – and all on one device."

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