Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Neonode launches zForce EDGE

SANTA CLARA, USA: Neonode Inc. announced zForce EDGE, a ground-breaking technology that provides flush, edge-to-edge, glare-free (without cover glass/ITO sensor) multi-touch for notebooks, all-in-one PCs, and PC monitors.

zForce EDGE, an innovation in the field of Multi-Touch technology, enables PC OEMs to offer seamless edge-to-edge flush industrial designs for PC devices without the need of a cover glass/ITO touch sensor.

Neonode's zForce EDGE take advantage of the new IPS LCD modules with ultra-small bezels to maximize the active display area, resulting in a glare-free user experience, optimal image quality, significant reduction in weight, a smooth "silk effect" touch experience, and optimized power management, at cost savings greater than 50 percent compared with projected capacitance technologies.

The PC market represents a vast growth opportunity for Neonode. The notebook market size is ~190 million devices annually with only a 20 percent touch attachment rate.

AIO PC's and PC monitors are both under 5 percent touch attachment rates and collectively represent over 140 million annual device sales. The high cost and substandard user experience of existing technologies are among the factors limiting the touch connect rate for notebooks, AIO's and monitors. zForce EDGE addresses both these factors with its low total cost and elimination of the cover glass.

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