Tuesday, April 23, 2013

GFS Chemicals expands product line for electronics manufacturers

USA: Specialty chemical manufacturer GFS Chemicals Inc. is expanding its commitment to electronics manufacturers with a domestically produced electronics-grade Ceric Ammonium Nitrate ((NH4)2Ce(NO3)6). The chemical is now available off-the-shelf in a purity grade suitable for specialty electronic applications.

"As a company, we understand the needs of electronics manufacturers," says J. Steel Hutchinson , the third-generation owner and president of GFS Chemicals. "Product consistency, predictable and responsive delivery times, competitive prices and a secure supply chain. We can now meet those needs with an electronics-grade Ceric Ammonium Nitrate (CAN) product suitable for etching applications."

CAN is typically used to make a chrome etchant for the manufacture of electronic microcircuits. GFS now produces the chemical in both commercial and electronics grade and can produce higher purity products for customers with more stringent trace metal requirements.

The new electronics-grade product is suitable for common electronic etching applications and can be used as feedstock by etchant manufacturers who want to offer a range of CAN-based etchants.

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