Wednesday, April 3, 2013

MicroVision secures agreement with leading global electronics brand

USA: MicroVision, a leader in innovative ultra-miniature projection display technology, announced a development agreement with a prominent electronics company to incorporate MicroVision’s ground breaking PicoP display technology into a display engine that could enable a variety of new products.

Under the agreement MicroVision is supporting the OEM’s development of a display engine based on patented PicoP display technology and includes $4.6 million in development fees to MicroVision over the next 13 months.

The companies have begun commercial negotiations with the expectation that licensing and component supply agreements would constitute the next stage of engagement leading to the OEM’s introduction of commercial products. At the request of MicroVision’s OEM customer, its name and other details of the contract are being kept confidential.

The company’s “Image by PicoP” licensing business model allows OEMs to create differentiation in their products by integrating MicroVision’s proprietary, advanced display technology. PicoP display technology is a powerful, patented solution that projects high definition, focus free content from a tiny, low power display engine.

MicroVision’s technology enables OEMs to deliver a high quality consumer viewing experience to their customers by offering new and enhanced ways to view and share information. Whether for personal entertainment, social engagement, business collaboration, driver safety or in whatever way OEMs’ imaginations take them, PicoP display technology can be the new and exciting element that consumers are searching for to elevate their mobile content viewing experience.

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