Monday, April 8, 2013

Tektronix eases video ingest for streaming

USA: Tektronix Inc. announced that its Cerify File-Based QC solution has been certified by Netflix, making it easier for content suppliers to deliver video for streaming.

There continues to be an explosion in the amount of video content that is being provided to Video Service Providers. With hundreds of potential content suppliers, Video Service Providers are struggling to perform quality control on the incoming content with the wide variability of file formats, codec types, potential syntax errors and organizational variability of quality metrics.

This complexity in the digital supply chain increases the amount of time it takes to standardize the content to the VSPs' ingest quality standards before being ready for the content prep workflow. In the absence of industry wide content delivery specifications, individual VSPs are beginning to define their own content delivery specification for content suppliers.

Having Cerify certified by Netflix can help ensure that content suppliers are in compliance to the required content delivery specification. Content suppliers will benefit from the reduced time and expense of rejected content and ensure that Netflix can ingest content of a consistent quality.

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