Monday, April 29, 2013

Ramco migrates its ERP solution to Microsoft’s SQL Server 2012

INDIA: Ramco Systems, an enterprise software product company focused on delivering ERP on cloud, tablets and smartphones announced its adoption of Microsoft’s SQL Server 2012.

This solution will offer huge cost benefits and time savings as it is extremely simple to install and businesses can transition from their legacy systems to full-blown ERP solutions in a few weeks. Ramco’s relationship with Microsoft’s technology offering started 15 years ago when Ramco’s first full-suite ERP product was launched in 1997.

Ramco has been using Microsoft technologies to technically enrich the offerings and is amongst the first to move its enterprise application to SQL Server 2012. The company is also enrolled in Microsoft’s TAP program and is testing its new in-memory technology, codenamed ‘Hekaton,’ that will be integrated into the next SQL Server database.

SQL Server 2012 helps meet industry requirements for mission critical availability while enabling blazing-fast data warehouse query performance. SQL Server 2012 also helps customers expand beyond the database with a cloud-ready information platform to quickly create and scale innovative Hybrid IT solutions across server, private or public cloud.

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