Monday, April 8, 2013

Solera intros Black Box data recorder for immediate visibility into potential security breaches

USA: Solera Networks, the industry’s leading provider of Big Data Security Intelligence and Analytics for Advanced Threat Protection, unveiled the Solera DeepSee BlackBox Recorder, which continuously and silently captures all network traffic—including packets, flows, files and applications.

In the event of a security breach, incident responders can leverage the DeepSee BlackBox Recorder to swiftly pinpoint the root cause and material impact, while applying precise and effective remediation. Incident responders and security service providers can deploy DeepSee BlackBox Recorder easily and for no cost; purchasing a license to access and retrieve data and security intelligence in the case of a breach.

In leveraging such a critical tool, incident responders will now have the content, context and visibility needed to investigate, repair and remediate breach activity.

The Solera DeepSee BlackBox Recorder provides incident responders and security service providers with an effective way to integrate Solera DeepSee into existing security infrastructure, providing the always-on ‘eyes and ears’ that investigators need to tap into at a moment’s notice.

The Recorder can be deployed as a DeepSee Virtual Appliance or as DeepSee Software. Unlike any other big data security intelligence and analytics offering, the DeepSee BlackBox Recorder is unique due to its ability to be deployed and installed at no initial cost – with a requirement to purchase a license only when incident responders “break the glass” to retrieve the captured security intelligence.

The BlackBox Recorder delivers effective incident response and combines big data security analytics, comprehensive threat intelligence and full security visibility to answer critical post-breach questions like: who compromised the system?; what systems and data were affected?; what is the root cause and material impact?; and are we sure it’s over and won’t happen again?.

The Solera DeepSee BlackBox Recorder delivers no-cost initial deployment and flexible licensing options to “break the glass,” without requiring upfront capital investments or the need to deploy hardware throughout the network. It is an effective way for incident responders to quickly resolve any threat and return a customers’ network to “whole” again after a security incident.

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