Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Clevermind, partners with BridgePoint to deliver Clevermind iPad app

USA:  BridgePoint Technologies, a full service information technology consulting firm, announced that Clevermind, LLC , a leading mobile application development company, has partnered with BridgePoint in the development of the company’s latest app, Clevermind.

Clevermind is an interactive iPad application, complete with innovative features such as speech recognition, cognitive assessment training, tracking and reporting, an easy-to-use interface, and more.

The Clevermind app provides an easier and more interactive way for people with decreased cognitive abilities to surf the Internet, manage schedules, connect with loved ones and stay entertained independently while strengthening their cognitive proficiency. This iPad application is due for release in the Apple App Store in June of 2013.

Clevermind has decided to utilize Kickstarter , an online funding platform for creative projects, in order to ‘kick start’ its Clevermind app campaign and spread awareness about their innovative product.

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