Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Asteelflash Group intensifies corporate initiative on manufacturing excellence

FREMONT, USA: Asteelflash Group, a leading provider of EMS services has intensified its focus on a corporate initiative promoting customer quality and manufacturing excellence. This initiative enables Asteelflash to provide customers with superior quality services, project management and product quality no matter where in the world their products are manufactured.

Named the Asteelflash Excellence System, the initiative clearly defines the goals of excellence for each division within the corporation and provides a roadmap for reaching the highest level of customer quality and satisfaction. The Asteelflash Excellence System is a formalized process that embodies the company’s corporate values of continuously working to improve customer satisfaction.

“Put simply, this initiative is about quality. It’s a way to show our customers, suppliers and partners that Asteelflash’s utmost commitment is to customer service and quality,” said Georges Garic, executive VP and COO for Asteelflash Group. “By creating this system, we hope to become the standard of excellence in the EMS industry.”

The Excellence System provides employees with a clear definition of excellence for each department in the company: Quality, Human Resources, Lean Manufacturing, Technology and Design and Supply Chain. The Excellence System provides managers with the tools and know-how to assess how their department is doing, and then defines a roadmap for improvement.

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