Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hana Bank in Korea Selects Preton for printing cost reduction

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL: Preton, the leading provider of printing cost reduction software, has been selected by Hana Bank, one of the largest commercial banking groups in Korea, for a large scale implementation of its PretonSaver software for reducing toner, ink and paper consumption.

Hana Bank will utilize the Enterprise edition of PretonSaver across its entire group of companies, including its corporate headquarters in Seoul, subsidiaries and over 600 commercial banking branches across Korea. PretonSaver will be used by Hana Bank to monitor and control its printing activities, including optimizing toner and paper usage for printing customer transactions, external reports and internal reference material. It is estimated that Hana Bank will save up to 25 percent on its annual expenses for printing consumables by using PretonSaver.

The PretonSaver software enables high quality printing with maximum toner and ink savings based on Preton’s core Pixel Optimizer technology that intelligently identifies and removes wasteful pixels without visibly impacting quality. PretonSaver also includes configurable print rules and policies, which further regulate printing activities in order to reduce paper consumption.

PretonSaver creates a win-win situation for Hana Bank,” commented Mr. GH Nam, CEO at ITE Software, Preton's distributor in Korea. “PretonSaver Enterprise will significantly contribute to the bank’s ongoing operational cost reduction program, while improving the environmental sustainability of its operations.”

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