Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fluke Networks announces TS100 PRO cable fault finder

EVERETT, USA: Fluke Networks announced the first field technician tool capable of testing the entire length of an average DSL cabling loop for bridge taps, a major source of DSL network performance issues.

Quickly and efficiently detecting and removing bridge taps, which are extra lengths of cable that are generally in the "last network mile," is critical to communication service providers as they install new DSL service on existing networks to meet consumer demand for broadband. The new TS100 PRO Cable Fault Finder with PowerBT Bridge Tap Detection features a simple, intuitive one-button interface that can not only immediately detect taps to 3,200 feet, but also open/short circuits to 8,000 feet.

"Today's increased demand for broadband, combined with cost pressures, has service providers working to optimize existing network infrastructure and new rollouts," said Ed Sztuka, VP at Fluke Networks. "Unfortunately, constant upgrades over time have resulted in bridge taps on a significant number of today's cable lines. Until now, no field technician tool could, in one step, easily detect these taps on the entire standard DSL field length. The TS100 PRO tool's capabilities make testing that 'last network mile' simple, fast and efficient."

Additional key features of the TS100 PRO tester include an AC/DC voltage detector, a built-in toner and SmartTone features for exact pair identification, a combination which increases productivity and makes this an essential tool for Fiber-To-The-Node (FTTN), Fiber-To-The-Curb (FTTC) and copper network technicians. These features eliminate the need to carry multiple testing tools, and the simple one-button, red light/green light tester requires very little training, no complex setup and no interpretation of complicated graphs or data.

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