Monday, November 14, 2011

Applied Materials recognizes five companies with 2011 Supplier Award

SANTA CLARA, USA: Applied Materials Inc. presented five companies with awards for helping Applied meet its strategic business goals in 2011. Awards were given to four suppliers for outstanding overall performance and one supplier for helping to improve the environmental performance of Applied's products. The awards were given out at Applied's 2011 Executive Supplier Forum - an annual event held to build strategic relationships between Applied and its suppliers.

"It's an honor for Applied Materials to recognize these top suppliers," said Joseph Flanagan, senior VP, Worldwide Operations and Supply Chain. "Applied Materials serves a marketplace that is global, innovative, and moves quickly to respond to market forces and demands. The recognized companies excelled in helping us support our customers in this highly-challenging environment."

The 2011 Applied Materials Performance Awards were given to the following four companies out of more than 2,000 suppliers worldwide. These companies were recognized for consistently meeting or exceeding Applied's performance expectations.

* Advanced Energy Industries Inc.
* Green Tweed & Co.
* Nihon Ceratec Co. Ltd
* Volpato Industrie S.p.A.

Pfeiffer Vacuum, GmbH won the 2011 Applied Materials Sustainability Award for collaborating with Applied in improving the environmental performance of Applied Materials' products.

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