Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Major study benchmarks testing services providers; Capgemini is #1; IBM and Wipro tied at #2

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA: In a new report, Ovum, the independent technology analyst firm, has benchmarked 13 software and systems testing services providers. Capgemini was #1 and IBM and Wipro tied at #2, followed by Cognizant, HP, and Infosys.

Ovum rated the providers on 20 key criteria that organizations use to select testing services providers. Although the market sees similar messages broadcast by providers, Ovum found significant differentiators.

Dr. Alexander Simkin, lead analyst and author of the report, warned that organizations must assess their own requirements for these criteria against the strengths and weaknesses of the providers.

Dr. Simkin said: “All testing services providers are not the same. Capgemini, for example, excels in its test process capabilities. IBM, in contrast, leads the market in its portfolio of test services and its expertise in testing. Wipro came out top for cost and value. SQS, the German testing pure-play, was #1 for customer intimacy and responsiveness. Users of testing services need to know where providers are strong – and weak. Selecting a provider that does not meet your needs can have costly ongoing consequences.”

Simkin found that providers were differentiated in how well they were aligned to demand-side drivers. “Our analysis shows that some providers have a better understanding of the market and are more effective at building capabilities that matter most to users. TCS and HP stood out as being particularly well aligned to the testing services market, which suggests that they will gain market share.”

Rankings of testing services providersSource: Ovum, Australia.

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