Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mu Dynamics allies with Atlassian to intro industry-first continuous performance management solution for app developers

SUNNYVALE, USA: Mu Dynamics Inc., the leader in validating and testing applications and application-aware networks, announced that Blitz has been integrated with the Atlassian development tool, Bamboo, a Continuous Integration (CI) server. Atlassian has made Blitz available on its Plugin exchange, in use today by leading application development organizations.

Integrating Blitz and leveraging its unique, cloud-based application load and performance testing service empowers Bamboo app developers to quickly and affordably identify the performance of their applications in real-time during the entire development and deployment process. This continuous performance management offered by the integration of Blitz and Bamboo guarantees app developers a better user experience for their customers.

Blitz was created to address the unique needs of the rapidly evolving application development market. Only Blitz makes testing a continuous and integrated part of the development and deployment process. By being incorporated into the Atlassian Bamboo CI server, Blitz now enables Bamboo developers to load and performance test their applications as a part of the continuous development and deployment process. Tests can be run the moment changes are checked in, ensuring those changes don't degrade performance. By tracking Application Performance Index (Apdex) scores as part of the build process, developers can also quickly detect and remediate application performance issues in the staging process -- an industry first.

"Blitz gives our app developers something they haven't had before -- true continuous performance management," said Jens Schumacher, Atlassian Bamboo product manager. "Developers can, extraordinarily, for the first time, make changes to applications and obtain continuous feedback on the impact on app performance."

Application Performance Management (APM) has become critical for cloud applications as the continuous integration development model delivers regular updates to both developing and "live" applications. By integrating Blitz into the CI process, developers now have the tools to ensure that changes to their application do not vitiate performance. And Blitz does, fast, through its elegant user interface (UI) and at an affordable price for developers through its Development, Staging, Deployment and Operations functionalities.

"By integrating Blitz into the Atlassian Bamboo CI server, developers can now proactively quantify the performance of their applications throughout the entire development process -- something that is absolutely critical for a high quality end-user experience," said Ajit Sancheti, co-founder, Mu Dynamics. "Blitz succeeds where other solutions fail. Traditional performance testing tools suffer from confusing user interfaces, which make them difficult to use and challenging to incorporate into the Continuous Development process demanded today."

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