Monday, November 7, 2011

DisplayLink certifies two IOGEAR USB products that enhance PC to TV connectivity

PALO ALTO & FOOTHILL RANCH, USA: Two new IOGEAR products recently received the DisplayLink certification, including the Wireless 1080p Computer to HDTV Kit (Model GUWAVKIT3) and the USB External HD A/V Adapter (Model GUC2025H).

The Wireless 1080p Computer to HDTV Kit allows a USB 2.0-equipped computer to stream 1080p multimedia content via wireless connection to HDTVs and monitors. The USB External HD A/V Adapter connects additional HD displays to a desktop or laptop computer using a USB 2.0 cable, providing an additional screen for productivity or immersive home entertainment.

IOGEAR wireless 1080p computer to HDTV kit (model GUWAVKIT3)
The IOGEAR Wireless 1080p Computer to HDTV Kit allows a connected computer to stream 1080p HD content to a television or monitor via wireless USB. Wireless USB is a short-range, line-of-sight technology that provides the full functionality of USB, without cables. With IOGEAR’s Wireless 1080p Computer to HDTV Kit, a PC can communicate up to 30 feet away with any monitor or TV that has a VGA port. It is principally used to transmit HD multimedia content.

“IOGEAR leveraged DisplayLink technology to make connecting a PC to a TV or display easier, whether with wires or wirelessly,” said Douglas Turner, VP, IOGEAR. “DisplayLink certification demonstrates that our USB products are industry leading solutions for stable AV streaming and that they are easy to set-up and highly resistant to interference.”

The DisplayLink Certification Program provides complete quality assurance, compatibility and performance testing of virtual graphics-enabled devices, and is visible to consumers via the DisplayLink Certified logo.

“IOGEAR delivers wireless PC to TV high-definition streaming or audio and video at home, and for presentations and collaboration in the office and on the road,” said Dennis Crespo, DisplayLink executive VP of marketing and business development. “Certification by DisplayLink provides assurance that content can be shared from a portable or desktop PC with an HDTV and other screens equipped with a VGA port.”

IOGEAR USB external HD A/V adapter (model GUC2025H)
Additional displays means increased digital desktop space. IOGEAR’s USB External HD A/V Adapter is a low-cost, easy-to-install alternative to updating standard PCI and AGP video graphics cards by enabling SOHO (small office-home office) users to connect displays to any PC, laptop or netbook via a USB connector or powered USB hub.

With features that include screen rotation, monitor extend and application drag and drop capabilities, users now have the ability to see more information, thus increasing productivity.

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