Saturday, November 19, 2011

CEOs prepare for cyber and physical attacks

NEW YORK, USA: In light of increasingly volatile protests and actions targeting businesses and CEOs, business and non-profit leaders are seeking out the expertise of integrated security and intelligence firms to protect them.

Centurion Intelligence Partners (CIP), a global leader in highly specialized discreet intelligence and security services has seen a surge in urgent requests for crisis preparation services. “Crisis planning and prevention is something CEOs sometimes put at the bottom of their list of priorities. Now, it has jumped to the top. They realize they are vulnerable to cyber and physical attacks and they are responsible for the safety of their employees and the continuity of their operations,” said CIP president, Col. Frank Bragg (Ret.). “Some CEOs even fear for the safety of their families, as protesters increasingly go to homes of business leaders.”

Last night, protesters “occupied” a London office building owned by investment firm UBS. And there have been numerous incidents in the last year of various protest groups converging on hotels, convention centers and businesses.

“If a CEO thinks that a dusty emergency plan sitting in a file cabinet satisfies their responsibilities then they are inviting disaster. Preparation and ongoing training is crucial to safety and continuity of operations. CEOs who do not take this seriously will be held accountable by employees and stockholders and eventually the bottom line,” stated Bragg. “CIP’s experts in military intelligence, finance, foreign affairs and security offer highly customized services to clients around the globe. We’ve seen it all. I can tell you, most businesses and non-profits are barely prepared for a power outage, much less any real crisis, whether it is a natural disaster or a man-made event.”

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