Monday, November 14, 2011

HPC Advisory Council publishes over 150 best practices and guidelines

SC11, SEATTLE, USA: The HPC Advisory Council, a leading worldwide organization for high-performance computing research, development, outreach and education, announced it has reached over 150 best practices and installation guidelines for over 40 high-performance applications. The HPC Advisory Council provides best practices and installation guidelines which, through experience and research, have shown to improve clustering and applications efficiency, scalability and productivity.

“The Council’s best practices result in faster simulations, quicker time-to-market for consumer-based products, ease-of-use for IT staff when setting up and maintaining clusters, and are expected to maximize the return on HPC infrastructure investments,” said Gilad Shainer, chairman of the HPC Advisory Council.

“In just over three years, the Council has become a valuable resource for IT end-users who require open source or commercial HPC and cloud-based application performance guidelines and best practices for some of their most important networking and infrastructure purchasing decisions. We welcome new application best practices suggestions from the HPC community and look forward to continually enriching our publication database.”

The HPC Advisory Council, with its large library of best practices and guidelines, is providing the HPC end-user community valuable information to improve their system and application usage. Such applications include, but not limited to, automotive design, weather forecasting, chemical and biological interactions, crash simulations, and atmospheric research.

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