Monday, November 14, 2011

LaserTech India 2011 international trade show starts Nov. 18

MUMBAI, INDIA: With the increasing scarcity of natural resources, demand for sustainable technologies and efficient use of existing energy reserves is escalating. In response, LaserTech India2011, a leading international trade show on Laser Technology will present highly promising, energy efficient solutions for manufacturing companies/firms, with particular emphasis on automobile electronics, portable communication devices, medical technology and general lighting.

The trade show will be held between November 18-20, 2011 at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, New Standard Engineering (NSE Complex), Goregaon (E) – Western Express Highway, Mumbai.

It is the second in a series of international exhibitions on “Applications of Laser Technology in Manufacturing” in India. The trade show will be inaugurated by Claudia Sixl, Project Group Leader for LASER World of PHOTONICS at Messe M√ľnchen International, GmbH.

LaserTech India 2011 is expected to bring over 3,500-4000 global and Indian manufacturing professionals face to face to showcase innovative concepts, products, benefits and applications of laser technology in manufacturing.

Sameer Khedkar, Director, Focussed Event Management Pvt Ltd, says: “Owing to tremendous power, flexibility, speed and quality of execution in manufacturing, Lasers are fast replacing convention manufacturing system. “Laser Technology" has become an irreplaceable tool in modern manufacturing systems, finding utility in thousand of highly varied application in every section of industry including electronics, information technology, science, medical, sheet metal diamond and jewellery processing, automotive manufacturing, etc, we believe the estimated market size for Lasers could be worth Rs. 5,000 crore waiting to be tapped.”

The innovative laser technology products that will be showcased include:
* Laser Source — Solid State Lasers, Gas Lasers, Diode Lasers, Fiber Laser, Software of Laser and Optics, Laser Components.

* Laser Systems — Laser welding system, Cutting systems, System Components, Laser Marking Systems.

* Imaging — Cameras & CCD components, Measurement & Comparison, Inspection and Image Processing. Sensors, Test & Measurement Systems. Laser Automation & Robotic System Integrators.

* Laser Accessories— Optical Components, Cooling Equipment, Flash Lamps, Gases & Safety Equipment.

* Services — Contract Manufacturers, Maintenance Service providers, Optical Design Institutes, Organizations, Associations.

* Others — Fibers, Cabling, Connectors, Fiber optical Test & Measurement.

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