Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nordson MARCH's new RollVIA plasma system simplifies roll-to-roll PCB treatment

TPCA 2011, CONCORD, USA: Nordson MARCH, a global leader in plasma processing technology, announced its new RollVIA Plasma System, a completely self-contained vacuum plasma system with production-proven roll-to-roll material handling for printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing environments.

The RollVIA incorporates unique vacuum and gas flow technology, new electrode designs and superior temperature management with precise control of roll speed, tension, and edge guidance for uniform plasma treatment in surface activation, desmear, and etchback applications of substrates as thin as 25 microns.

Roll-to-roll processing, also known as web processing, reel-to-reel processing, or R2R, is the process of creating electronic devices on a roll of flexible plastic or metal foil. The RollVIA is the only roll-to-roll plasma treatment system where the vacuum system, plasma chamber, control electronics, and 40 kHz power supply are housed in a single enclosure. Yet, the system has a compact 2030W x 2032D x 2428H mm footprint with an integrated pump package. A service-friendly design with four doors for full front and rear access make substrate loading simple and easy.

The RollVIA Plasma System is available in three models to meet a variety of customer processing speed and throughput requirements and accommodates web widths up to 500 mm. Each configuration incorporates low cost-of-ownership features, such as precision temperature management, efficient gas use, and a fast vacuum pump, for enhanced process cycle times. An optically-based edge guide detection system ensures reliable control during rewind operations.

“The RollVIA is the culmination of over 20 years of Nordson MARCH research and expertise in developing plasma technology for the PCB industry,” said Dr. James Getty, VP, Business Development and Applications, Nordson MARCH. “The flexible PCB market is growing. We are ready to meet the demand with our new cost-effective, high throughput, production-ready system."

Utilizing patented and patent-pending plasma technologies, the RollVIA system further expands the Nordson MARCH VIA Series, which also includes the commercially successful ProVIA and MaxVIA Plasma Systems. A successful deployment of the RollVIA is underway in China.

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