Thursday, April 21, 2011

SAMSUNG launches ultra-slim notebook series 9 in India

NEW DELHI, INDIA: Samsung Electronics announced the launch of its ultra-premium and ultra-slim Notebook Series 9 in the Indian market.

With a weight of only 1.31kg (2.89lbs.), measuring a mere 16.3mm (0.64inches) in depth and with a screen size of 13 inches, the Samsung Notebook Series 9 combines the latest technology with mobile computing experience to drive the market forward in terms of design, display and overall capabilities. The product was unveiled at CES 2011 in January and captured the attention of the global audience as one of the thinnest and most elegant mobile computing devices ever created.

Crafted from duralumin, a lightweight material that is twice as strong as aluminum and normally used in advanced aircraft design, the Notebook Series 9 underwent an exhaustive testing process to ensure it is durable enough for use at home and on the go. In terms of design, the sophisticated beauty of the flowing line on the side of the Notebook Series 9 is a key design concept that gives it an aerodynamic and sleek style much like a premium sports car.

Additionally, the notebook’s SuperBright Plus display with 400nit brightness, which is two times brighter than conventional displays, as well as its vibrant Color reproduction (16 million colors) and Super Contrast ratio (1,300:1), makes it one of the most beautiful notebook displays on the market. To ensure high performance, it uses a Second Generation Intel Core i5 Processor. Notebook Series 9 is priced at Rs 1, 00,990/-.

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