Friday, April 1, 2011

TAOS display management solutions recognized for energy conservation benefits on ‘Going Green’ TV series

PLANO, USA: Environmental responsibility is a significant concern for both consumers and corporations, and it is becoming increasingly important to the business-to-business companies that power the consumer electronics industry as well.

Texas Advanced Optoelectronic Solutions Inc. (TAOS Inc.), an innovative optoelectronic sensor company, has been selected by a sustainable solutions television show to showcase its green efforts and success with improving product performance while simultaneously reducing energy consumption. TAOS will be featured in the “Energy Solutions” series of “Going Green” with Ward Burton airing nationally and regionally throughout March and April.

“The going green movement has helped create worldwide acknowledgement that protecting our environment is everyone’s responsibility. With our innovations in display management, ambient light-sensing has emerged as a key technology for improving energy efficiency in flat panel displays as the use of displays becomes increasingly pervasive in every aspect of our lives,” said Jerry Koontz, director of marketing at TAOS, Inc. “In addition to consumer electronics, TAOS, Inc.’s broad portfolio of light sensor products support the green movement in such market segments as industrial, automotive, medical and white goods.”

The demand and production of flat panel displays found in high-tech electronic products is rapidly growing because they have an impact on the end-user experience through mobile phones, tablets and TVs. Flat panel displays have the highest power consumption within the total system therefore there is an increased focus on utilizing power-saving technologies and eco-friendly components in their design and manufacture.

TAOS’s ambient light-sensing technology is used by global customers in their pursuit for reduction in energy consumption in consumer products like Sony VAIO laptops and VIZIO HDTVs. The digital ambient light sensors used in these products automatically adjust the display brightness based on the lighting conditions, reducing the overall system power consumption by as much as 30 percent.

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