Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Netronome launches network flow processing acceleration cards for Asia-Pacific market

Intel Developer Forum 2011, BEIJING, CHINA: Netronome, the leading developer of network flow processors, announced that it has made its network flow engine acceleration cards generally available to the Asia-Pacific market. The company will be demonstrating these acceleration cards at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) 2011 Beijing taking place April 12-13, 2011 at the China National Convention Center in booth GE20.

Powered by Netronome’s award-winning 40 Gbps Network Flow Processor (NFP-3240), NFE-3240 acceleration cards are ideal for line-rate packet capture, or inline applications requiring zero packet loss and low latency. Applications can quickly benefit from an architecture that couples the general purpose processing power of multicore x86 with the high-throughput networking capabilities of the NFE-3240.

Additionally, Netronome’s Network Flow Processing Platforms utilize a heterogeneous, multicore processing architecture to set new performance benchmarks over standard IA/x86 servers. The Network Flow Processing Platforms combine best-in-class Intel Xeon 5600 processors with Netronome’s NFE-3240 PCIe acceleration cards. This solution extends the benefits of standard Intel-based systems into high-performance networking applications, making them capable of complex network and security processing with unparalleled performance and cost.

“The requirements for network security are increasing in demand as bandwidth continues to increase, and the performance levels needed are not being met,” said LL Cheok, president, Asia-Pacific Operations at Netronome. “Netronome is committed to creating technology that advances the capabilities of network security platforms to keep pace with the rapidly changing security landscape. Networks need intelligent secure flow processing technology to meet these demanding requirements in 100 Gbps L2-L7 designs without compromise.”

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