Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Khronos to create new open standard for advanced device and sensor input

SAN FRANCISCO, USA: The Khronos Group announced a new initiative to create an open, platform-independent, royalty-free standard for accessing a wide diversity of advanced input devices including depth cameras, motion-tracking sensors, touch-screens and haptic devices.

In response to requests and proposals from multiple members, Khronos has created a ‘StreamInput’ working group that TransGaming Inc. has offered to initially chair. This royalty-free standard will be developed under the proven Khronos development process aiming for a first public release within 12 months.

Any interested company is welcome to join Khronos to make contributions, influence the direction of the specification and gain early access to draft specifications before public release. The StreamInput working group will commence work during April 2011.

The Khronos StreamInput working group will drive industry consensus to create a cross-platform API to provide applications with both high-level semantic input as well as low-level device management capabilities, enabling significant innovations by sensor and device manufacturers - while simplifying portable application development.

The new API will support a general-purpose framework for consistently handling new generation sensors and traditional input devices such as keyboards, mice, track pads and joysticks. The API will also provide system-wide sensor synchronization for advanced multi-sensor applications such as augmented reality, and will use Khronos’ proven extension mechanisms to enable new types of input devices to be easily added and supported.

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