Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Advanced Diamond Technologies’ UNCD Electrodes reduce water treatment costs by a factor of ten

ROMEOVILLE, USA: Advanced Diamond Technologies Inc. (ADT) announced the immediate availability of UNCD Electrodes for advanced electrochemical water treatment applications.

Compared to conventional electrodes and incumbent boron-doped diamond (BDD) technologies, UNCD Electrodes deliver the power of diamond to the water treatment industry with a combination of long operating lifetimes and high current density capabilities which lower costs. ADT is also pleased to announce that it has entered into a distribution agreement with Klaris Corp. to promote and support the implementation of the UNCD Electrode technology worldwide.

Current industrial and municipal wastewater treatment technologies have become increasingly challenged by the growing presence of chemicals that cannot be broken down. Electrochemical treatment technologies used to treat such wastes require robust electrodes that can generate powerful oxidants. UNCD Electrodes meet that challenge and reduce the cost to purify contaminated wastewater due to their extreme efficiency and low operating costs.

Diamond has many attributes that make it attractive for electrochemical applications including: high efficiency oxidant generation, high chemical stability, environmental compatibility, and resistance to fouling and scaling. UNCD technology offers lifetimes that are orders of magnitude superior to previously available technologies and can be operated at high current densities; thus, reducing the size and cost of the electrochemical cell needed for specific applications.

“UNCD Electrodes can run for hundreds of hours in conditions well beyond what other electrode materials can withstand,” said ADT co-founder and chief technology officer, Dr. John Carlisle. “This is a game-changing technology—UNCD Electrodes can reduce treatment costs by more than a factor of ten.”

Diamond is attractive for water treatment technologies that utilize electrochemical processes to generate powerful yet environmentally friendly green oxidants, such as ozone. “Finally, UNCD technology delivers a robust diamond electrode technology that really works and we’re excited to get them in the hands of others who are developing electrochemical technologies for water treatment,” said Dr. Thomas Urbanek, vice president of research and development, Klaris Corporation.

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