Wednesday, April 20, 2011

InvenSense unveils SmartMotion platform with 9-axis MotionFusion engine

SUNNYVALE, USA: InvenSense Inc., the leading solution provider of MotionProcessors for consumer electronics, announced its latest software solution platform with the introduction of SmartMotion 4.0 for the mobile handset and tablet market.

SmartMotion 4.0 is a complete software platform that in combination with the InvenSense flagship MPU-6000 MotionProcessor will deliver robust, well-calibrated 9-axis sensor fusion data using its field proven and proprietary MotionFusion engine.

Market adoption of motion sensors in leading consumer electronics products has sky rocketed in the past year. However, many handset and tablet manufacturers have realized that the mere integration of motion sensor components, such as, gyroscope, compass and accelerometer in their products does not translate to a truly functional motion enabled device.

SmartMotion 4.0 brings real solution value to OEMs by enabling rapid integration of MotionProcessing technology and providing complex 9-axis sensor fusion algorithms, robust multi-sensor calibration and integration with leading mobile OS APIs to deliver responsive gaming experiences and predictable navigation heading performance while at the same time reducing processor load by 10X.

Application developers are learning to use sensor fusion data to design more immersive applications that fully leverage the capabilities of the gyroscope, accelerometer and compass sensors. High quality sensor fusion data must first start with well-calibrated sensors. SmartMotion 4.0 combines InvenSense's expertise and experience in gyroscopes with the expertise of AKM and Aichi Steel, two leaders in compass technology, to provide the market's most robust compass calibration solution.

To start, SmartMotion 4.0 uses the integrated libraries from AKM and Aichi Steel to provide calibrated compass data into the MotionFusion engine for accurate 9-axis sensor fusion calculations. However, in everyday use, compass sensors are highly sensitive to stray magnetic fields which can affect navigation heading accuracy.

To solve this problem, InvenSense has developed patent-pending adaptive algorithms that use the gyroscope to reject stray magnetic fields and provide stable heading guidance to the application. SmartMotion 4.0 addresses further calibration challenges, including a patent pending algorithm for gyro-assisted fast compass calibration, accurate sensor bias calibration and run-time gyro bias calibration while also adjusting for field corruption and tilt compensation issues.

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