Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Advanced Photonix announces sale of computer tomography system option

ANN ARBOR, USA: Advanced Photonix Co. announced that it has shipped the second Computer Tomography (CT) accessory to NICT in Japan. Building upon its previously purchased T-Ray 4000, NICT is expanding its base system capability, by incorporating a CT gantry with a 20” horizontal and a 12” vertical scanning capability.

Computed tomography
Computed Tomography (CT) is a powerful nondestructive evaluation technique for producing 2D and 3D cross-sectional images of an object using flat images. With its ability to facilitate internal inspection of the human body as well as manufactured components, x-ray CT has been utilized in many medical and industrial applications.

In contrast to conventional x-rays which emit high energy radiation that require extreme safety standards and shielding, terahertz technology is safe and can be used as an alternative in many of those industrial applications, or applications where x-rays cannot be safely used. Key areas for terahertz CT scanning include flaw detection, failure analysis, assembly analysis, as well as art and archeology applications.

The company’s state-of-the-art CT platform includes two new additional software modules for the T-Ray Explorer program, the CT Acquisition Module and the CT Reconstruction Module. The CT Acquisition Module provides multiple sinogram data collection. Each sinogram represents the data for a single slice of the object. Once the sinogram images are collected, they must be converted into the cross-sectional image using a filtered back projection transform. This is performed within the CT Reconstruction Module.

The fully integrated modules are straightforward and provide greater ease to the workflow process. Once the operator determines the parameters, the CT Reconstruction Module will perform batch reconstruction of the slice sinograms. Exporting the slices as a single multi-image TIFF allows for the assembly of the slices as a 3D model in many third party software packages.

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