Friday, April 8, 2011

Gennum features new long-reach and high-density equalizers, 290x290 crosspoint

NAB 2011, Booth #N5823, BURLINGTON, CANADA: Showcasing the most comprehensive, end-to-end portfolio of SDI broadcast video solutions available from a single source, Gennum Corp. will host a series of video transport demonstrations in booth #N5823 at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference next week in Las Vegas.

The demonstrations will include Gennum's new GS3440 long-reach adaptive equalizer (EQ), new GS3442 high-density adaptive EQ and industry-leading video crosspoint family.

Regarded as a pioneer in HD video technology and a market leader in broadcast equipment semiconductor solutions, Gennum will be demonstrating the GS3440, a next-generation adaptive cable EQ that provides cable reach beyond 200 meters for the most demanding real-world applications.

Leveraging Gennum's leadership in adaptive cable EQ technology, the new GS3440 combines long reach with unprecedented jitter performance, helping to simplify the design and installation of broadcast systems.

To further demonstrate the breadth of Gennum's equalizer portfolio, which offers solutions for demanding performance and cost-sensitive applications, the new GS3442 high-density adaptive EQ will also be featured.

Leveraging Gennum's unique understanding of customer applications, the GS3442 is optimized for use in high-density multilane environments, simplifying design considerations when using the latest generation of BNC connector options including HD-BNC, DIN 1.0/2.3 and Mini BNC connectors. The GS3442's low sensitivity to crosstalk also makes it an ideal choice for high-density connectors such as FCI DensiShield.

Gennum has also developed the industry's first family of crosspoint switches to combine video-specific features with unmatched data throughput and power management capabilities. Developed from the 'ground up' for HD, 3Gb/s, 3D and Ultra HD, Gennum's new crosspoint switches are the most feature-rich available, in sizes from 2 x 2 up to 290 x 290 - the largest asynchronous, fully non-blocking crosspoint switch in the industry.

The crosspoint family enables equipment manufacturers and broadcasters to more effectively handle next-generation video formats and increasing data rate requirements in the studio.

"Gennum is committed to relentlessly deliver the most innovative signal integrity products to our global customers, enabling them to deploy some of the most sophisticated and advanced broadcast video equipment anywhere," said Bharat Tailor, director of Video Marketing for Gennum. "This passion to ensure our customers' success will be on display in all of our products being demonstrated at NAB."
Demonstrations, including the new products, will be held at Gennum's booth highlighting:

* New GS3440 Long-reach Adaptive Equalizer. Gennum's next generation adaptive cable equalizer that provides cable reach beyond 200 meters for the most demanding real-world applications. The demo will showcase the GS3440's ability to maintain outstanding signal integrity in several real-world applications including 3Gb/s/HD signals, long cable lengths, long trace lengths, intermediate board connectors and utilizing Amphenol RF's new HD-BNC™ high performance connector and Belden video cable in different lengths.

* GX3290 Crosspoint. This demo will show the feature set and switching ability of the new GX3290, the broadcast video industry's first 290x290 fully non-blocking asynchronous crosspoint switch. It will feature Amphenol RF's HD-BNC high-density BNC connector and Belden cabling solutions and include real-world applications such as passive splitting and long trace lengths highlighting the GX3290's industry-leading equalization and input sensitivity. The demo will use award-winning SENSIO Hi-Fi 3D encoding and decoding technology to show how the GX3290 supports the transport of 3D signals. The demo will also show such firsts as 8 strobes for multiple-sync applications, integrated eye pattern evaluation and test signal and error reporting diagnostics support.

* Over 100 Passes of Error-Free 3G SDI Video, Utilizing Gennum's Complete 3G Solutions - Equalizers, Reclockers, and Cable Drivers. Featuring Gennum's new GS3442 adaptive equalizer, which is optimized for use in high-density multilane environments, this demo showcases the use of connectivity and cabling solutions, emphasizing the signal integrity performance of Gennum products in real-world applications using Amphenol's new HD-BNC high performance connector and Belden cabling solutions.

* Transport of 3D Over Existing SDI Infrastructure. Demonstrates how 3D in full 1080p HD can be transported today over an existing 3Gb/s SDI infrastructure using Gennum's GS2970A SDI deserializer and GS2972 SDI serializer. SENSIO Hi-Fi 3D encoding and decoding technology will be used to show how Gennum's deserializer and serializer technology supports Level B-DS dual stream stereo mapping and simplifies the carriage of stereoscopic images on a single 3G link.

* High-density, Multipin Interconnect Video Distribution Solutions. Using Gennum's new GS3442 high-density adaptive equalizer and GS2988 cable driver, this demo illustrates bit error free transmission using pathological test signals of 3Gb/s SDI across common multipin, high density interconnects.

* Video Optical Modules (VOM). An optical link incorporating Gennum's new Gen3 video optical transmitter and receiver pair sending video signals over 10 km of optical fiber. Gennum's proprietary solution is designed specifically for SDI pathological video and features best-in-class receiver sensitivity, exceptional dynamic range and transmission of SDI over fiber with no pathological penalty.

* Fiber Termination. Video over fiber using a Gen3 video optical transmitter/ receiver pair sending video over fiber terminated with Belden FiberExpress Brillance field-installable connectors. A fiber termination kit will be available so customers can try out the Belden connectors.

In addition to the demos on the Gennum booth, these exhibitors will also be featuring Gennum technology in their booths:

Amphenol Broadcast Solutions, booth #C6540. A GX3290 input/output customer evaluation board featuring Amphenol HD-BNC connectors is on display. Gennum works closely with its broadcast technology partners to identify real applications faced by end-users. Gennum has collaborated with Amphenol to ensure the GX3290's performance is optimized for use with the HD-BNC connector.

Belden, booth #C8925. Demonstration utilizing Gennum's complete 3Gb/s solutions - equalizers, reclockers and cable drivers - and using Belden cable and connector solutions.

The GX3290 crosspoint switch is available in limited quantities now with full volume product shipments scheduled to begin in Q2 2011. The GS3440 long-reach adaptive equalizer is scheduled to sample in September of 2011 with initial production planned in 1Q 2012.

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