Monday, April 4, 2011

iBuildApp first to offer free digital publishing for iPad

SAN MATEO, USA: Thanks to the Apple iPad and new tools like, digital publishing is easier than ever. Silicon Valley based startup iBuildApp recently added an iPad publishing solution to their suite of iPhone templates designed for the non-coder.

iPad publishing has created new revenue streams for businesses who can publish materials without printing and shipping costs. The iBuildApp iPad solution will be integrated with blogging and CMS platforms for easy publishing.

“We want people to be part of the trend of digital publishing. It’s a great way to build a global audience around your niche without the cost of print. With iBuildApp’s publishing tool you don’t need a developer. It’s easy and free to publish your monthly magazines, newsletters, catalogs, or books on the iPad,” said Rafael Soultanov.

The solution also delivers a good experience for the reader. “We believe that a digital magazine or newspaper should feel like a media app, not like a magazine reader,” said Soultanov. When someone swipes from page to page they can choose different stories to read. Images are vivid, video is optimized. If a reader wants to comment or share what they’re reading, they just tap a button.

The fully functional publishing app takes just 2-3 hours to create and publish content. Just copy/paste content into our pre-made templates for the iPad, for free. The iBuildApp iPad solution will be integrated with other CMS platforms such as Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla. It simply requires snippets of code from iBuildApp to be inserted into the CMS code.

Services make it less complicated for authors to publish and manage their own publishing (magazines and books). By using a service, publishers can focus on their content and leave the formatting, publishing and distribution to iBuildapp. Unlike other services iBuildApp Self-Publishing Solution provides authors with a free online editor, free formatting and design templates and integrated publishing for iPad and Web.

“iBuildApp believes in the power of ideas and the creativity of the crowd. Our automated self-publishing solution lets creators of all kinds — from individuals to enterprises — make and monetize content on iPad. iBuildapp lets content owners quickly create and publish their content on iPad with ability to monetize the content.”

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