Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Yosen Group becomes supplier to RadioShack Greater China

CHINA: Yosen Group Inc. announced the signing of distribution agreement with RadioShack's joint venture in Greater China, and thus became the supplier to RadioShack in the Greater China region.

On January 31st, 2013, Foxconn International Holdings Ltd's subsidiary First Honest Enterprises Ltd and RadioShack Global Sourcing, a unit of the US retailer, formed a joint venture selling consumer electronics and offering other services in the Greater China region.

The Foxconn - RadioShack JV, the first joint venture established by Foxconn and a retailer, will specialize in the sale of mobile phones, TVs and other accessories. With Internet Mobility as its pivotal business line, the joint venture's focus is to enhance 3C solutions for consumers.

Similarly, Yosen has been promoting cutting-edge digital products and committed to improving its customers' lifestyles through top notch 3C products and services. As stated by Yosen's management, bringing their customers to the most modernized, high-end experience has been Yosen's ultimate goal.

Through this co-operation with Foxconn-RadioShack JV, Yosen will sell well-known brands of accessories at RadioShack's retail stores in the Greater China region, providing a full range of best products and allowing its customers to compare prices.

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