Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fujitsu and ImageWare to enable delivery of Cloud-based biometric multi-modal solutions

USA: Fujitsu announced a contract with ImageWare Systems Inc., a leader in multi-modal biometric security management solutions, to enable the deployment of a new multi-modal biometric identity management solution and model.

The cloud-based offering is built on the Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform (FGCP) and features ImageWare's CloudID product suite, anchored by ImageWare's patented multi-modal Biometric Engine. The products will be licensed on a service or transactional basis.

The solution is expected to be introduced in North America in April, which will make it possible to collaborate on a global expansion model in the near future.

"This collaboration illustrates the ability for Fujitsu and ImageWare to respond to market needs and growth opportunity from technology and service delivery perspectives," said Joel O'Halloran, executive VP, IT Services and Retail at Fujitsu America. "Also, we anticipate this will serve as a model for other leading technology companies to define their solutions in the cloud by following the features and capabilities offered by our Global Cloud Platform."

ImageWare's IWS CloudID Product Suite is designed to deliver enterprise class, real-world solutions to meet current biometric identity management, enrollment, authentication and verification needs. This adaptable, modular structure can be scaled, modified, and enhanced as business requirements evolve.

The CloudID product suite provides for rapid adoption of any biometrics needs across various markets including healthcare, retail, facilities management, energy and power and law enforcement.
The Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform addresses performance, security, agility and reliability needs required by the enterprise.

The solution allows companies to choose their own cloud system, control their own architecture and customize applications. In addition, the Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform ensures ease of access and portability of data, is cost effective, and allows the enterprise to scale its IT environment.

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