Thursday, March 28, 2013

February shipment proportion of above 20”monitors surged 10 percent YoY

TAIWAN: According to the monitor shipment survey by WitsView, the display research division of the global intelligence provider TrendForce, the global top ten LCD monitor SI makers’ February shipment declined 25.7 percent from January to a shipment volume 8.31 million units.

The top ten brand vendors’ shipments totaled 8.13 million units, dropping 23.4 percent largely from January. The main reasons for the declines were some February demands were shipped in advance in January, fewer working days, and the lower-than-expected demands in China.
WitsView’s assistant research manager Anita Wang says that the 19” W was affected by the poor sales in China and panel makers’ dropping supply, and brands’ 19”W shipment proportion has declined from 11-13 percent in the past to 7.5 percent in February.

The 21.5”has become the size accounting for the largest shipment proportion since October last year, seeing a 22 percent shipment proportion in February, while the shipment proportion of the above 20” monitor grew from 56 percent in the same period last year to 66 percent in February, showing a 10 percent annual growth and indicating the monitor market approaches large sizes.
Based on Witsview’s March survey on the 19.5”W LCD monitor retail prices in China, in addition to BenQ’s newly launched models at a sharp price RMB 650, which follows acer’s pricing strategy (the 18.5”W retail price in China is around RMB 725), AOC and ViewSonic both reveal models at RMB 699. It shows brands’ pricing strategies on the 19.5”W are clearly driven by acer’s low-priced model showcased last month and are forced to follow the current low-pricing trend.

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